Why choose to trade binary options at Banc de Binary?

Binary options trading at Banc De Binary is considered as one of the most innovative and industry-leading brokers available. Established in 2010, TradingBrokerz.com believe that Banc De Binary offer one of the most accessible binary options trading platforms for both new and experienced traders; combining a straightforward trading interface with a large range of underlying assets. For traders looking for a broker offering access to over 30 currency pairs, stocks and commodities, Banc De Binary claims to offer leading markets within the entire asset range.

There are many reasons why Banc de Binary became the largest broker for binary options. Take a look for yourself and try it out here.

What makes Banc De Binary different from other binary option brokers?

Here at TradingBrokerz.com, we have consistently seen that, in terms of its relative position within the binary options industry, Banc De Binary has established itself as a frontrunner with a series of innovative trading solutions. Whilst other leading brokers caused something of a stir with the introduction of 60 second binary options, allowing binary options traders to generate some of the highest yielding profits available in trading, Banc De Binary have taken this one step further in offering 30 second binary options. This development has seen many professional and short term, or scalper, traders move to binary options trading at Banc De Binary in order to gain up to 85% on each 30 second trade.

Banc de Binary if fully registered as a Cyprus-based company by CySec, which is becoming a benchmark regulatory body among many binary option brokers. The availability of Banc de Binary is not restricted and is available within United States, offering both web-based trading platforms and also a powerful mobile trading app for those who want to monitor and execute binary options trades on the move.

How easy is it to open an account with Banc de Binary?

Opening an account with Banc De Binary is a very simple process and follows a 2 minute sign-up process without the need for any additional account verifications. Once an account has been opened, there is a comprehensive demo trading platform available for those who want to practice trading binary options and to get a general feel for the trading platform. For those who want to jump straight in, the account can be funded in a matter of minutes using a number of online e-wallets, as well as credit, debit and bank transfer methods. Since binary options profit and loss is always pre-determined, it is impossible for a trading account with Banc De Binary to go in to the red, hence they do not issue margin calls but allow only available funds to be risked on each trade.

What features do Banc de Binary offer?

In terms of the features that are provided by Banc De Binary, they offer the full range of innovative tools that are provided by its nearest competitors. This includes range and One Touch trading, a concept where a trader either bets that a currency will remain within a pre-defined price range, or whether price will ‘touch’ a pre-set level over the lifetime of the binary options.

The trading platform offered by Banc De Binary can be considered as one of the most basic available. This does not, however, remove the fact that it offers one of the most powerful binary options trading experiences available. This combination of power and simplicity has made it one of the most attractive binary options brokers to both new and experienced traders. Since its inception, Banc De Binary has strived to maintain a clean, uncluttered interface which becomes instantly appealing when trading the nimble-fingered 30 second binary options. In fact, when comparing some of the other leading binary options trading platforms to this it is evident why binary options trading at Banc De Binary has become increasingly popular.

Mobile binary options trading with Banc de Binary

In addition to the provision of an uncomplicated web-based interface, it has also introduced some of the most advanced charting available in binary options trading. The quality of the charting has long been a running issue with many binary options traders who have previously preferred to use additional trading software to look for technical setups and trading opportunities. Whilst binary options charting is still, on the whole, some way behind that of spread betting and forex platforms, Banc De Binary can claim significant innovations and improvements in this field.

TradingBrokerz.com believe that perhaps the most important features of any binary options broker is the quality of its mobile trading solutions. Given that a large majority of binary options traders define this feature as by far the most important, it is not surprising that large brokers such as Banc de Binary have invested heavily in developing this technology. It is also clear that this is money well-spent by Banc de Binary, who can claim to have replicated a similar trading experience for both mobile phone and tablet users as those using conventional computers. Trading on xxxdevice from any location in United States is made possible but another example of a simple yet effective and highly responsive trading app. For many, this is a good enough reason alone to start binary options trading at Banc De Binary.